The school day

As outlined last week, the Government have made it clear that schools are to operate on a staggered timetable from September so that we can ensure classes bubbles can be kept separate.

We appreciate that this will be a challenge for parents who have children in different classes but we would ask that parents try and keep to their assigned times to avoid queues along the path from Buildwas Road.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to keep sibling drop-off/pick-up times consecutive for all families. For those who have a KS1 child and a child in say Year 5 or 6, you will be able to drop of both children at the earlier time and the older child will walk up to their classroom.

Staff will be on hand to enable a swift handover and each class will have their own hand sanitiser to avoid long queues.

Drop-off times in the morning will be:

8.40 am – Reception
8.50 am – Years 1 & 2
9.00 am – Years 3 & 4
9.10 am – Year 5
9.20 am – Year 6

Pick up times in the afternoon will be:

2.40 pm – Reception
2.50 pm – Years 1 & 2
3.00 pm – Years 3 & 4
3.10 pm – Year 5
3.20 pm – Year 6

The timings above take into account the fact that we will be having staggered break and lunchtimes for each class and to ensure that all children get the recommended number of hours teaching per day. If clubs take place for children in KS2 it also means they will not be waiting too long at the end of the day until the club starts. However, clubs will only go ahead if we get enough interest from parents and will be restricted to Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. More information about clubs will be sent out in September.

We will continue with the one-way system to enter and exit the school grounds. Parents and children will enter via the Buildwas Road/Eco Garden gate on to the top playground and then leave by the Dale End gate next to the bottom playground. We ask that only one parent brings their child/ren to school.