Start and end of the Day

Doors open at 8.45 am and children should be in their class rooms by 8.55 am to ensure that school registers are completed on time. Children who arrive in school after this time are registered as late. We would ask that parents of KS2 children let them make their own way to their classrooms.

Children should not be dropped off at school and left unsupervised before the doors open at 8.45am. The gates will remain locked until 8.30am. Children should be booked into Kids Club if parents are unable to supervise them until the main schools doors open. The end of the school day is 3.20pm and we would ask parents to arrive promptly to collect their children. If you are unable to collect them alternative arrangements should be made. Children not collected by 3.40pm will be taken to Kids Club. Parents will be charged for this.