School Coronavirus Update – Thursday

As you will be aware following the Government announcement yesterday afternoon we will be officially closing from 3.20pm on Friday 20th March for most children, except for a small number of children with families where both parents are working in the key areas.

As yet the Government have not given us clarity on who key workers are. If this changes from those listed below we will update you immediately.

If you are not in the key worker category (NHS workers, Police & Fire, School workers, Supermarket Delivery Drivers) or have a vulnerable child or child with an EHCP, childcare will not be offered.

Children in receipt of free school meals can expect a cold lunch to be delivered directly from Telford & Wrekin Catering Services. Please contact them directly if you experience any difficulties: 01952 380137.

Please understand that from Friday, school will be essentially repurposed and will be acting as an emergency care provision. As we will be operating with a skeletal staff you will be unable to access the office either in person or by telephone. There will be no afterschool clubs as of this Friday for any child. Unless it has been confirmed that you are entitled to the emergency care provision you child will not be able to return to school until the Government re-opens all schools. Dates for the re-opening of our school will be put on our website under ‘News & Activity”.

If your child is in the emergency care provision, we will be open between 8:30am and 3pm. We will be taking a register immediately. Please contact school as a matter of urgency and leave a message on our answering machine if your child is unable to attend. All children accessing the emergency care provision will need to be accompanied to, and from school. This is to secure the safety of the children. No child will be allowed to walk to or from school by themselves. Children will need a packed lunch or they can access a cold lunch from our catering team. As we will be enjoying a range of activities, children will need wellington boots or outdoor shoes, a waterproof coat and their PE kits.

It is vital that families, for whom school is closed, check the website regularly for updates.

If we find ourselves in a position where senior leadership is compromised, all provisions will come to an end and this will be communicated as soon as possible. At this point schools are closed for the imminent future.