Message from Kids Club

Dear Parents

We hope you are all well and safe at this time.

We wanted to write to all parents to keep you up to date with recent activities in Kids Club.

The Committee have held numerous meetings over the past few weeks to ensure we can secure the club financially and safely in this current climate. As such the 3 members of staff are currently furloughed, and the Kids Club of course remains shut due to government guidance.

With this guidance now changing to allow for schools to open in phasing for Year 6, Year 1 and Reception, we are now assessing all aspects to ensure we continue to keep the environment as safe as possible not only for the staff, but of utmost importance for the children.

We are of course working closely with the school to tie in with the structured opening and “bubbles” of children guidance that will be set up. We will also keep in line with cleaning measures and all social distancing ruling as you would expect.

As you are all aware the current structure of kids club is to accept children on varying times, varying days and from varying years – of which does not currently fit with the guidance laid out. However, we are very keen to support you all, as aware returning to work requires wrap around care in some cases.

We therefore ask – for those in Year 6, Year 1 and Reception please could you indicate by Monday 25th May if you would be considering sending your child back to kids club and what days you would require? Please send responses to

If we do not hear from you, we will assume no requirement.

Until we can assess demand, we cannot assess our ability to maintain social distancing, and apply new rulings to try our very best to open if deemed safe to do so.

We of course understand guidance changes daily at the moment, and therefore will continue to be as flexible as we can and will move swiftly if we can support in any way possible.

Kind regards

Coalbrookdale Kids Club