Pre-School Education

Children at Nursery

Within the school building we are fortunate to have a partnership Nursery (and Toddler Group). This has an excellent reputation for its caring approach and first class preparation for school life. We have very close links with the Nursery, and its children frequently share events with our infant classes. These shared activities support our aim to make the transition from Nursery to school a smooth, trouble-free occasion. To this end, we also keep regular contact with other local pre-school establishments.

During the half term before children start full time at this school, we invite them to join several sessions with the reception class to get to know the room, the daily routine, the teacher and the other children who will be their future classmates.
As our school caters for the full Primary age range, the children do not have to suffer the potential problems involved in changing from Infant to Junior Schools, with new staff, new buildings and new routines; here they simply move to the next classroom.

Many parents choose to send their children to this school even though they live outside the immediate area; as long as this does not result in oversized classes we are happy to accept these children. If you are considering starting your child at this school whether as their first school or transferring from another, we will be pleased to make you an appointment to visit the school and to meet the staff and children.

The nursery can be contacted on: 01952 433325