Strategy and Vision

Coalbrookdale School Strategy & Vision

Together we strive. Together we shine. Together we grow.

Our school has a long held reputation for its high standards. In an atmosphere of care and sensitivity the children are encouraged towards the fulfilment of their potential and to be fully prepared, with confidence and self motivation, for secondary school and adult life.

As a church aided school we believe we offer a distinctive education with spirituality, moral values and academic excellence at the heart of the school. We aim to nourish, encourage and challenge the children in our care. We are a happy school.

The Coalbrookdale Way…

  • Make new friendships and support others to grow.
  • Be polite and show good manners in all you do.
  • Try to be patient and show you care.
  • Show respect for our school and value other people’s belongings.
  • Always show perseverance when you are working.A time to shine and have fun!

    Together we strive. Together we shine. Together we grow.

    Matthew 5:16 In the same way, you should be a light for other people. Live so that they will see the good things you do and praise your father in heaven.

We are a Christian School where every child matters, is valued and is able to shine. The school’s ethos is one where a positive attitude of care and understanding is promoted, where Christian values are pivotal to the life of the school and where adults and children respect faith and culture of other people. Children are always encouraged, motivated and supported to achieve the best they can in all aspects of the curriculum.

We are proud to display our Christian values, but strongly encourage a sensitivity to difference and the faiths and cultures of others. We are an inclusive school.

Cultural Education at Coalbrookdale SchoolWith this rich tapestry of history it would be easy for us to rely on tradition and traditional values, but with change all around us it is important to provide an education that enables our pupils to think for themselves, respect the differing needs of others and above all enjoy the process of learning.

We aim to be a forward looking school: embracing new technology, listening to pupils views and continually seeking to improve all areas of the school. We are a safe, caring school.

The strength of the school is enhanced by a unity of purpose. Our staff ensure that methods of teaching and policies match the needs of our pupils. With Governors and parents we are working together to provide the highest standards. We have pride in our school.

Children in Dale End Park

First hand experiences outside the classroom and school environment are provided whenever possible, a policy enhanced by the setting of our school in the Severn Gorge surrounded by museums, parks, natural woodland and the historic buildings and monuments reflecting our industrial heritage.
Many parents from outside the immediate area also choose our school. We are happy to accept these children if we have places whether starting as his/her first school or transferring from another.

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