Date confirmed for Ironbridge Power Station’s Bunker Bay demolition

Harworth Group plc (“Harworth”), a leading regenerator of land and property for development and investment, can confirm that the demolition of the former Ironbridge Power Station’s former Bunker Bay is scheduled for between 11am and 1pm on Friday 17th July 2020.

It is important to note that while the demolition is planned for this date and time, there may be adverse weather conditions or other circumstances that could cause a delay or possible postponement of the demolition.

Should this be the case, Harworth will issue further statements to advise on its timetable.

Harworth’s principal concern is to bring the Bunker Bay safely, in full compliance with the Section 81 notice issued by Shropshire Council for this purpose. To protect everyone on site and in the local area a 250m safety exclusion zone will be in place shortly before, during and for a period after the explosion to which there will be no public access. Details of this zone are provided on the website.

In addition, the blowdown of the Bunker Bay will generate dust. The vast majority of dust generated by the blowdown will fall within the Bunker Bay’s immediate vicinity. There remains the possibility however that some dust will be carried beyond the 250m exclusion zone. Therefore, any local residents with respiratory conditions are advised to stay indoors during and immediately after the demolition takes place.

Updates in the run up to and after the demolition will be put on the Ironbridge regeneration website at as well as being shared with local media.

Local people and businesses are thanked for their co-operation and patience through this process.

Kind regards
The Harworth Ironbridge Regeneration Team

Proposed Exclusion Zone Bunker Bay blowdown (July 2020)