Parents Evenings – Change of dates

As advised by Telford & Wrekin Council we have had to close the school today and tomorrow and this has unfortunately affected the Parent/Teacher Consultation appointments arranged for this week.

Parent/Teacher Consultation appointments will move to next Monday (2nd March) and Tuesday (3rd March) for all classes except Year 4.

Therefore if your appointment was for 3.30pm on Monday 24th February it will now take place at 3.30pm on Monday 2nd March; if it was for 4.50pm on Tuesday 25th February it will take place at 4.50pm on Tuesday 3rd March.

Year 4 only
Year 4 appointments due to have taken place this afternoon will take place on Monday 2nd March. Year 4 appointments due to have taken place on Tuesday 25th February will take place this Friday 28th February.

If you are unable to make the new time/date please contact the school office and we will try to find a new time for you on these dates.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Road Closure – Madeley Road

Please find attached information that outlines the traffic management arrangements for a temporary road closure along Madeley Road, (Jockey Bank, Wesley Road and Newbridge Road), Ironbridge.

Balfour Beatty and Idverde are planning to undertake Highway Improvement works. The work is set to commence on Wednesday, 26th February 2020 and will last for a duration of 3 days between the hours of 9.30am and 17.00pm with an end date of Friday, 28th February 2020.

Jockey Bank, Wesley Road and Newbridge Road will be closed during the works on Madeley Road to manage traffic during this closure

The diversion route for vehicular traffic travelling in all directions will be signed on site.

After School Clubs

Please find below a list of after school clubs that will be running after half term. Permission slips must be completed for all paid for after school clubs (gymnastics, mixed football and karate) and are available from the school office. Children already doing boys football and girls handball do not need to re-sign for these clubs.

All clubs will start week commencing 24th February unless indicated below. All after school clubs finish at 4.30pm except for tennis which finishes at 4.15pm.


Gymnastics (Years 1 – 4): Embrace PE will be running gymnastics on Tuesdays (3rd March – 24th March 2020 NONE 25th FEBRUARY due to Parents Evening; 3.30pm – 4.30pm). This is open to all children in Years 1 – 4. Sessions are £2.50; £10.00 for the half term (cheques should be made payable to Coalbrookdale & Ironbridge Primary School). If your child would like to join please complete a permission slip and return with full payment to the school office. Places are limited to 20 children.


Tennis (Years 3 – 6): Tennis will run on Wednesdays (4th March – 25th March NONE 26th FEBRURARY; 3.30pm – 4.20pm) with Mrs Marandola/Mrs Edwards from Cound Tennis Club. The cost is £16.00 (£4.00 per session) and cheques should be made payable to Fiona Edwards. If your child would like to join please complete a permission slip and return with full payment. Places are limited to 24 children.


Mixed Football (Years 1 – 3): Embrace PE will be running a football club on Thursdays (27th February – 26th March; 3.30pm – 4.30pm). Football is open to all children in Years 1 – 3. Sessions are £2.50; £12.50 for the half term (cheques should be made payable to Coalbrookdale & Ironbridge Primary School). Children will need shin pads and trainers. If your child would like to join please complete a permission slip and return with full payment to the school office. Places are limited to 24 children.

Girls Handball (Years 3 – 6): Mrs Bletcher & Miss Munt will be running a girls handball club on Thursdays (12th March – 26th March NONE 25th FEBRUARY or 3rd MARCH due to competitions; 3.30pm – 4.30pm) for girls in Years 3 – 6. This will take place on the school playground. Children will need PE kit and trainers. Please complete a slip, available from the school office, if your child would like to participate. Places are limited to 24 children. There is no charge for this club.

Boys Football (Years 4 – 6): Mr Rutherford will continue football club on Thursdays (27th February – 26th March; 3.30pm – 4.30pm) for children in Years 4 – 6. This takes place on Regatta Field. Children will need shin pads, trainers and football boots.


Karate (All years): Karate will run on Fridays (28th February – 20th March NONE 27th MARCH; 3.30pm – 4.30pm) in the school hall. Karate is run by Sam Stewart and lessons cost £3:50 per session; £14.00 for the half term and are payable in advance. Please complete a slip if your child would like to participate and return to the office. If you have any further questions please contact Sam Stewart on 07940 726311 for more information.

Start of the Day

In light of recent incidents that we have had in school (where parents have come into classrooms expressing views inappropriately), from Monday there will be a change to the way classes enter the school building (see below).

This is not an acceptable way of handling concerns and is upsetting for staff and pupils who have witnessed aggressive behaviour. We would like to remind parents that, should you wish to discuss concerns, you should make an appointment to see the relevant member of staff via the school office. We will then try to organise a convenient time where we can work together in a positive manner to resolve issues that have arisen. This change is supported by governors who have reviewed our security arrangements today in light of these incidents.

  • Reception will still enter in the usual way.
  • Years 1 & 2 will line up at the front of the school and enter through the main front doors. A staff member will accompany them to their classrooms. Teachers/support staff will continue to have a face-to-face handover in the morning with parents to aid communication and transition as they do currently.
  • Years 3 & 4 will line up as usual on the small playground at the side of the school and be taken in by a staff member to their classrooms.
  • Years 5 & 6 will now line up on the small playground at the side of the school alongside Years 3 & 4 and a staff member will walk them up to their classrooms.

Music Assembly – Monday 10th February

Telford & Wrekin Music have been delivering instrumental lessons into schools since 2007, teaching a variety of instruments within the school day in small groups. They are coming to Coalbrookdale & Ironbridge CE Primary School on Monday 10th February where the children will enjoy a music themed assembly, finding out about the benefits of learning an instrument and how much fun this can be. The Music Service will then be available after school to talk to parents about how to sign up for music lessons in school.

They currently offer free lessons for children eligible to free school meals in line with the councils remission policy, free lessons for looked after children and run an affordable monthly payment scheme to allow the cost of lessons to be spread over the academic year, with costs starting at just £26.25 per month.

Further information can be found at Telford & Wrekin Music or by emailing or the document attached below.

T&W Music Service – Application process

Sporting Events

A number of parents have recently raised the question of transporting children to and from inter-school sporting competitions. We are looking at a number of options including hiring a mini bus for each sporting event. We will be exploring several options including supporting the cost of this transport by voluntary contributions. Unfortunately we do not have the funds to purchase our own school mini bus or the subsequent maintenance of this. Several schools could possibly club together to hire a larger coach and we will be exploring this possibility. We will be sending out a short questionnaire to all parents so we can work together so all children are able to take part in inter school competitions.

Parent Consultation meetings

Parent consultation meetings will be held week commencing 24th February.

KS1 (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2) parent meetings will take place on Monday 24th February (2.00pm – 5.00pm) and Tuesday, 25th February (3.30pm – 5.30pm).

KS2 (Years 3 – 6) parent meetings will take place on Monday 24th February (3.30pm – 5.30pm) and Tuesday 25th February (2.00pm – 5.00pm).

Parents will be able to book their appointments via the school website from this evening until Sunday 23rd February.

Smart Watches

It has been noted that some children are wearing smart watches to school. Any watch that is a smart watch / has the ability to link to phones / take pictures are not allowed to be worn in school. These are a distraction to the children and are also not appropriate during the school day to ensure a safe and happy school environment.

Sports News – Dodgeball

On Monday Miley, Ed, Lola B, Aston, Madeleine, Nicole, Ike & Malachy went to the Telford Tennis Centre to play Dodgeball. It was great fun and we all enjoyed it so even though we kept being beaten, it was still great fun. Even if you got hit by a ball, they were soft so it didn’t hurt. We all took turns being off because we were only allowed six people at a time. Even we were off our spirits were high because we were able to encourage others. If you were hit by the ball or if someone on the other team caught your ball you were out. We didn’t win any of our matches but the other teams were a lot taller and they had powerful throws. We would like to say a big thank you to Miss Munt for taking and supervising us.

Madeleine & Nicole