Year 2 – Habitats Walk

On Thursday Year 2 will be going on a local walk around Coalbrookdale, looking at the variety of habitats in the local area.

Please send the children into school in the appropriate clothing and footwear.

We will be going in the morning and back in school for lunch time.

Any parents who are able to walk with us, your support would be greatly appreciated.

Mrs Postance

Welcome back!

Dear families,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer break, and are looking forward to returning to school next week.

I am looking forward to greeting you all into Year 2 next Tuesday morning.

I have posted some activities on the Mathletics website for you to ‘warm up’ your maths skills before next week. Some of you have already found these, and earned a certificate.Well done! A great start to year 2.


Mrs Postance


In Year 2 children are expected to:

  • Rread every night for 10 minutes
  • practise their weekly spellings
  • gain a Mathletics certificate each week

The support and encouragement you offer your children is very much appreciated.



Most parents and careers seem to prefer updates and useful resources posted on Seesaw.

As a result, I am using Seesaw as the main means of sharing the children’s work and key information. Please come and talk to me let me if this does not suit you.


Earlier in the year most parents requested that spelling were posted on our Seesaw page.

Please let me know if this does not suit you, and I will post them here too.

Spellings 25.9.17

The soft c sound when c is followed by i, e or y.

ice, nice, race, dance, space, France, city, pencil, circle, scissors.

Encourage the children to find this rule when they are reading.

They have already identified science and fancy as two words that follow this rule.