The School Day

Children at School

7.50 – 8.45 Organised activities in the Kids Club rooms.

8.45 – 8.55 Arrival at school.
The doors are opened at 8.45 and the children are welcome into school.

8.55 A bell rings for registration and lessons begin.

10.45-11.00 Playtime. There are separate play areas for Infants and Juniors. Two members of staff supervise the children. If the children would like to bring a snack for beak time, they may bring fresh or dried fruit. Fruit is provided by the school every morning for the Infants and milk is provided every Tuesday and Thursday for all the children in the school.

12.05 Lunch

1.05 Afternoon registration, and lessons begin.

2.30-2.45 Playtime for Infants only.

3.00 Assembly in the school hall.

3.20 End of school day – There are often extracurricular activities during the lunch break and after school.

3.20-5.45 Kids Club


Please make sure that your child gets to school on time. Lateness and rushing often upsets children and may give them the impression that punctuality does not matter.

Please let us know straightaway about absences from school. Attendance registers are legal documents and teachers have to fill in instances of lateness and reasons for all absences. If your child is absent from school it is therefore important that you ring the school or write a letter to inform us of the reason.

Absence for family holidays

We strongly discourage parents taking children out of school during term time for holidays. The pace of the national curriculum is rigorous and it is often difficult for children to catch up with work that they have missed. However, permission may be granted for annual holidays of up to 5 school days in a school year; please ask for a form at the office. Do try to avoid taking children from school during May as this is an important time for assessments.

Letter from Telford & Wrekin – Leave in term time Supreme Court decision May 2017

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