School Dinners & Healthy Eating

School Dinner

At lunch time we have two sittings in the school hall; the first for hot school meals at around 12.05pm, the second for those who bring packed lunches at about 12.30 p.m when those who have had a school lunch have left.
Lunches are available at £2.00 per day (price as from April 2013). There is a computerised pre-payment system which will automatically inform you (by email or pupil post) when funds are getting low.
Leaflets are provided with details of the menu for each day of the term ahead.

Many children eat snacks during break times. In line with the school’s Healthy Eating policy, they have fruit, vegetables, nuts or seeds as their snacks. Fruit is provided by the school every morning for the Infants and milk is provided every Monday and Wednesday for all the children in the school. Please do not send fizzy drinks in cans or glass bottles. Chewing gum and sweets are not allowed in school.

If your child would like a snack at afternoon play, they can bring an additional piece of fruit and leave it in their pigeon hole.

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